Wound Healing

Restore Your Skin with Wound Healing in Goldsboro, NC

Have you experienced an injury, and the wound healing process is not going as it should? At Eskra Plastic Surgery, we take care of wounds that have not been amenable to suture repair or have had difficulty improving with our wound healing in Goldsboro, NC. You will feel better about your injury in no time with the help of of expert wound care for the face, body and skin.

Often collaborating with your other physicians, Dr. Eskra offers his expertise to accelerate the wound healing stages. Each treatment is completely tailored to each patient’s individual needs to ensure your best overall health.

The number of available wound treatments increases every year, and Eskra Plastic Surgery offers a range of these wound care treatments in Goldsboro, including:

  • Skin graft surgery
  • Local wound care
  • Topical treatments
  • Application of a vacuum-suction device
  • Flap surgery
  • And more

Professional Wound Care Available at Eskra Plastic Surgery

If you are experiencing signs of a slow healing wound in Goldsboro, such as infection, increasing pain, redness or warmth around the wound, it is important that you alert Dr. Eskra or your physician. That way, we can take care of the problem right away and fight off infection quickly.

Eskra Plastic Surgery is a professional plastic surgery facility that is here to restore your face, skin and body wounds in Goldsboro so that you can feel confident and healthy about every part of your body. To learn more about our body and skin reconstructive surgeries, including hand surgery and laceration repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to our plastic surgery center at 919.587.4400. You can also fill out our online form to request a free initial consultation online.

Eskra Plastic Surgery provides wound healing in Goldsboro, NC for injured patients throughout Eastern North Carolina.

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