Skin Cancer Surgery

Minimize Scars with Skin Cancer Surgery at Eskra Plastic Surgery

In your time of need after a skin cancer diagnosis, Eskra Plastic Surgery is here to help. We strive to empower skin cancer victims and survivors by minimizing scarring left behind from the removal of cancerous tissue.

Dr. Eskra will work with the physician or dermatologist who initially made the skin cancer diagnosis to discuss surgical treatment. It is important to make sure that all of the cancer is removed through our skin cancer excision in Goldsboro, NC. That’s why Dr. Eskra will schedule a consultation ahead of the surgical procedure, so that you can discuss any treatment options that he may recommend (which will be based uniquely on your condition and overall health).

Once a procedure is agreed upon, Dr. Eskra will perform the removal at the office or an operating room, either using a series of sutures or a larger treatment in an operating room. If a large amount of skin has been removed, a skin graft may also be necessary to diminish scarring.

Treatment through skin cancer excision will likely remove all of the cancer, but it is important to maintain any post-surgical recommendations that Dr. Eskra makes. Those may include recurrent monitoring and follow-up meetings to ensure skin cancer has not returned. You may also have to limit future sun exposure or undergo diagnostic imaging tests.

Reliable Skin Cancer Excision in Goldsboro, NC

In the event of a skin cancer diagnosis, turn to Eskra Plastic Surgery. Our caring staff is here to help you get back to the best possible health, while caring for your skin and preventing scarring. To learn more about our skin cancer surgery options, schedule a free initial consultation online or call our Goldsboro plastic surgery office at 919.587.4400.

Eskra Plastic Surgery helps treat those who have been diagnosed with skin cancer through skin cancer excision procedures in Goldsboro, NC.

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