Scar Revision

Regain Healthy-Looking Skin with Scar Revision in Goldsboro, NC

Do you have a scar from a previous surgery? Are you experiencing skin disfigurement as the result of a wound or trauma? If so, the scar removal solutions you need may be available at Eskra Plastic Surgery. Serving patients in Goldsboro, NC, and welcoming others from around Eastern NC, Dr. Eskra is a board certified plastic surgeon who performs scar revision for those who wish to minimize any scarring.

Scars occur during the skin’s healing process after a wound or traumatic event. The amount of scarring will depend on several factors, including the type of wound, its location, depth, and the person’s age and skin pigmentation. While some at-home treatments, such as certain creams, ointments or vitamins, may lighten scarring, you can rely on the scar treatment from Eskra Plastic Surgery to virtually remove them from your body.

Our Goldsboro scar removal experts recommend waiting two to three months before undergoing scar revision surgery. While that may seem like a long period, this gives your body time to fully heal the wound. The type of procedure that we employ will be depend on the type of scar and how it has affected the skin around it. If a large portion of skin has been lost, Dr. Eskra may choose to also perform a skin graft surgery.

Recovery periods for scar revision typically last a few days, during which you will have stitches and may have to care for a dressing. Many patients find that they are able to return to work or school shortly after completing this scar treatment. Dr. Eskra will be able to answer any questions you may have about activity restrictions, including reduced sun exposure.

Trust Your Scar Removal to Eskra Plastic Surgery

Don’t feel like you have to hide portions of your body any longer. Show off your beautiful skin with scar revision from Eskra Plastic Surgery. To transform yours scars in Goldsboro, call our Eastern North Carolina office at 919.587.4400 or schedule a scar consultation online.

Eskra Plastic Surgery proudly performs scar revision surgeries for patients in Goldsboro and surrounding Eastern North Carolina communities.

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