Lesion Removal

Remove Painful Skin Lesions with the Experts at Eskra Plastic Surgery

Lesions aren’t just unsightly painful lesions can change your daily routine, impacting how you live your life and interact with others in public settings. Lesions are skin areas that are damaged by several different factors, including genetics, sun exposure or age. While they might be nothing to worry about, lesions can be a sign of skin cancer. That’s why it’s important to get your skin lesions checked by the skin experts at Eskra Plastic Surgery in Goldsboro, NC.

Dr. Eskra specializes in keeping your skin as beautiful as possible, which is where our Goldsboro lesion removal offerings come into play. Skin lesion removal can be performed by a physician, who may also want a pathologist to look at the affected tissue under a microscope. Eskra Plastic Surgery can be an integral part of that treatment in caring for the patient’s skin.

Your skin lesion treatment will begin with a consultation at our Goldsboro plastic surgery facility. This allows Dr. Eskra to thoroughly examine the lesion, as well as the rest of the affected area. The techniques that he uses to remove the lesion will be a direct result of this consultation. One of these may include skin grafts, if the area that needs to be removed is a large one.

After lesion removal, recovery may take a few weeks while your skin heals. It is important to ask Dr. Eskra any questions that you may have, so that your lesion site heals as efficiently as possible. You can likely expect a swift return to your daily activities following this procedure.

Treat Skin Lesions in Goldsboro, NC

When you’re worried about a skin lesion, or just want youthful-looking skin, the treatments you need are available at Eskra Plastic Surgery. Schedule a consultation for skin lesion removal online or by phone at 919.587.4400.

Skin lesion removal is one of several reconstructive skin and body procedures performed by Dr. Eskra at Eskra Plastic Surgery in Goldsboro, NC.

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