Earlobe Repair

Eskra Plastic Surgery: Offering Natural-Looking Earlobe Repair in Goldsboro, NC

Whether you are looking for a way to repair a split earlobe or are regretting the large gauges you had in your youth, Eskra Plastic Surgery is here to help. With our earlobe repair services in Goldsboro, NC your earlobes can look natural and healthy once again.

An expert in his field, Dr. Eskra provides the following types of cosmetic and reconstructive earlobe plastic surgeries in Goldsboro:

  • Earlobe laceration repair
  • Gauged earlobe repair
  • Pierced ear repair
  • Split earlobe repair
  • Torn earlobe repair

Goldsboro Earlobe Reconstruction for Torn or Pierced Ears

At Eskra Plastic Surgery, our earlobe plastic surgery starts by using local anesthesia or a sedative before your ear is marked and numbed. Dr. Eskra removes healed and scarred tear areas before stitching up the ear using techniques and tools that provide minimal scarring while optimizing healing.

It is likely you will have minimal discomfort after the procedure, but there is no downtime, and patients are usually able to quickly return to normal activities. We will schedule a day with you in the week following your surgery to have your stitches removed.

Schedule Earlobe Repair Surgery with Dr. Eskra

No matter the damage to your earlobes, Dr. Erka can restore your ear to its original state with our Goldsboro earlobe plastic surgeries. If you have questions about our earlobe repair procedures or any of our other reconstructive or cosmetic skin plastic surgeries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 919.587.4400 with your questions. You can also fill out our online form to request a free consultation online.

Serving patients throughout Eastern North Carolina, Eskra Plastic Surgery provides reliable earlobe repair surgery in Goldsboro, NC.

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