Cyst Excision

Treat Painful Cysts in Goldsboro, NC with Cyst Excision

A ganglion cyst is a specific kind of cyst that develops on your hands or fingers, resulting in a sometimes painful condition. A cyst itself is best defined as a non-cancerous, fluid-filled ball that can develop for a number of reasons. You may initially notice it as a lump under your skin, which can cause discomfort over time if it is near or on a joint, tendon or nerve. You may be more prone to developing a ganglion cyst if you suffer from osteoarthritis or have had a previous joint or tendon injury.

If you notice a ganglion cyst on your hands, the quality care you need is at Eskra Plastic Surgery in Goldsboro, NC. During your initial consultation, Dr. Eskra can answer any questions you may have. He may also ask if you have ever had arthritis, or if you regularly experience certain symptoms. This will help him decide which cyst excision procedure makes the most sense for you.

Surgery to remove the ganglion cyst will involve taking out both the cyst itself and the stalk that it uses to attach itself to the affected tissue. Dr. Eskra will make other recommendations about your recovery period, which may include the use of over-the-counter pain medications.

Remove Cysts with Help from Eskra Plastic Surgery

When you notice a cyst on your hands or fingers, don’t try to use antiquated remedies to remove it at home. Receive safe surgical treatment for hand or finger cysts in Goldsboro through the experts at Eskra Plastic Surgery. Schedule your consultation online or call us today at 919.587.4400.

Eskra Plastic Surgery offers cyst removal services for patients in Goldsboro and around Eastern North Carolina.

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