Be at ease with every inch of your skin through our plastic surgery options.


Earlobe Repair

Repair stretched, gauged, split or pierced ears and split earlobes for a natural look.


Laser Hair Removal

Have smooth legs with our painless laser hair removal treatment.


Minimize wrinkles in your face for a youthful, smooth appearance.


Fill in fine lines and have full lips with the help of Juvederm®.


Add volume and elasticity through non-surgical injectables.


Earlobe Repair

Restore your ears after trauma, tearing, piercing, gauging and more.

Laceration Repair

Minimize the effects of your skin injury with laceration repair.

Burn Care

No matter the size of your burn, Dr. Eskra can decrease its damage.

Wound Healing

Lessen the chance of scars and infections with proper wound healing.

Scar Revision

Let your scars from an injury or surgery fade with scar revision.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Excise cancerous spots on your skin to keep your body healthy.

Lesion Removal

Keep your hands and other areas free of painful or unsightly sores and abrasions.

Cyst Excision

Protect your joint’s ability to move by removing cysts before they grow.

Skin Graft Surgery

Safely move skin from one part of your body to another for effective results.

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Stay Young & Healthy with Our Plastic Surgery for Skin

At Eskra Plastic Surgery, we want our patients to feel young, beautiful and confident in their own skin. By providing skin plastic surgery in Goldsboro, we offer a number of procedures that keep your skin looking its best at any age. Whether you’re interested in a cosmetic procedure or have a medical concern, we work to help you achieve optimal health and a strong body image.

It is important for our patients to understand that even if a treatment is non-invasive, it may not be the right procedure for you. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Eskra, and let us find the best cosmetic, non-surgical or reconstructive skin surgery in Goldsboro that meets your unique needs. Reach out to us at 919.587.4400 to get started.

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