Breast Reduction

Decrease Back Pain & More with Our Goldsboro, NC Breast Reduction

Whether you developed naturally large breasts at a young age or have experienced health problems due to large breasts over the years, breast reduction is a common plastic surgery that decreases the size of the breast for cosmetic or medical reasons. At Eskra Plastic Surgery, our Goldsboro, NC breast reduction procedure involves excising skin, fat and the glandular tissues, as well as lifting the breasts to a natural, youthful position.

Breast reduction can be an effective solution, both physically and emotionally, for women with naturally large breasts who experience any of the following health issues:

  • Severe neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder strap tenderness
  • Indentation from bra straps
  • Poor psychological effects
  • And more

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Breast Reduction Surgery at Our Plastic Surgery Center

When you visit Eskra Plastic Surgery for your initial consultation, we make sure that you understand all of the benefits and risks of breast reduction in Goldsboro, including the expected recovery time and scarring. Our patients commonly express that they consider their improved body contours and relief from neck and back pain to be well worth the trade.

Dr. Eskra cares primarily about your health and uses the latest methods to ensure the best results in your breast reduction surgery. In addition, we do what we can to have your procedure covered by your insurance by providing pictures and an explanatory letter for the medical necessity of the patient.

Visit Dr. Eskra in Goldsboro for a Breast Surgery Consultation

It is important to note that breast reconstruction patients cannot smoke four weeks before or six weeks after this operation, as it can create problems for wound healing and blood supply to the nipples after surgery.

If you are considering a breast reduction, contact us today at 919.547.4400 to schedule an appointment at Eskra Plastic Surgery. We are experts when it comes to reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeries in Goldsboro, and can ensure that you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

At Eskra Plastic Surgery, Dr. Eskra performs breast reduction surgery in Goldsboro, NC to patients across Eastern North Carolina.

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