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Offering Effective Hand Surgery in Goldsboro, NC

Whether your hand pain is caused by your workplace habits or trauma, Eskra Plastic Surgery has the ability to treat your problem through hand surgery in Goldsboro, NC. Dr. Eskra is well trained in a number of hand surgery and has the expertise needed to walk you through your options and provide an effective treatment.

Hand Problems Treated by Dr. Eskra

At Eskra Plastic Surgery, we are more than happy to work with your orthopedist, primary care physician or other health care provider to make sure that you receive the best treatment that prepares for a quick recovery. Our plastic surgery center can take care of any of the following Goldsboro hand problems listed below.

Carpal Tunnel Release

After a patient is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in Goldsboro (and the causes are determined), Dr. Eskra is available to help manage your condition. Treatment options can vary from modification of activities and splint to surgery. Carpal tunnel release involves releasing the transverse carpal ligament, which removes the compression of the nerve. Some patients feel immediate improvement, while others take months. Regardless of the length of the recovery period, most patients overall report significant improvement and can return to work within a few weeks.

Tendon Repair

Because of the lack of subcutaneous tissue protecting hand tendons, these injuries (including those to the nerves or blood vessels) often require special care and surgical repair. After Dr. Eskra performs your tendon surgery in Goldsboro, there are several follow-up visits and physical therapy sessions to ensure optimal healing.

Fracture Repair

As hand fractures often involve injuries to tendons, nerves and blood vessels, there are several different treatment options available, including splinting and operative fixation. Eskra Plastic Surgery can help you find the best treatment for your individual needs, depending on your hand fracture, daily activities and available time off from work.

Trigger Finger Release

Tendons that cause thumbs and fingers to glide smoothly can sometimes catch on pulleys. Over time, this pulley can prevent full movement of fingers. Initial Goldsboro trigger finger treatment usually involves steroid injections, but surgical release may eventually be needed. This surgery is performed by Dr. Eskra and is an outpatient treatment. The recovery is quick, and allows for a prompt return to most activities.

Come to Eskra Plastic Surgery to Relieve Hand Pain in Goldsboro

To learn more about our additional hand surgeries and plastic surgeries for skin, including laceration repair and wound healing, please feel free to contact Dr. Eskra by phone at 919.587.4400 or click here to schedule a free initial consultation online. We will do whatever we can to help you achieve your best health.

Eskra Plastic Surgery provides hand surgery in Goldsboro, NC to patients located throughout Eastern North Carolina.

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