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Enjoy Goldsboro, NC Body Contouring After Weight Loss

After losing a significant amount of weight through surgery or diet and exercise, your skin and tissue often lose the elasticity they need to readjust to your new size. If you want to make the most of your weight loss, Eskra Plastic Surgery recommends body contouring in Goldsboro, NC to decrease sagging skin and further define your body.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring, or a body lift, is a plastic surgery after weight loss that removes excess fat and skin while shaping your underlying support tissue. The outcome is a smoother figure that is a better fit to your body’s frame.

At Eskra Plastic Surgery, body contouring can be provided after any of the following cosmetic surgeries in Goldsboro:

Dr. Eskra is an expert in cosmetic surgery and prioritizes your overall health and safety, no matter the procedure. The techniques we use in our body contouring plastic surgery procedures help to minimize your recovery process and return you to your regular activities as soon as possible.

Try a Body Lift in Goldsboro with Dr. Eskra

When you meet Dr. Eskra for your initial consultation, he can walk you through the body contouring procedures, risks, benefits and recovery process. That way, your expectations are realistic and you are more satisfied with the results.

If you have worked hard to lose weight and keep it off, reward yourself with a Goldsboro body lift at Eskra Plastic Surgery. Schedule your consultation today by contacting us at 919.587.4400 or by filling out our online request form.

Eskra Plastic Surgery offers body contouring plastic surgery after weight loss in Goldsboro, NC and Eastern North Carolina.

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