Be self-assured in your health and appearance with assistance body plastic surgeries.


Tummy Tuck

Gain a flat stomach by getting rid of unwanted flab or excess skin with a tummy tuck.


Remove extra fat and achieve your ideal body weight through liposuction.

Arm Lift

Arm lifts redefine the shape of your arm by tightening sagging, tired skin.

Mommy Makeover

This series of cosmetic surgeries takes your body back to what it was like before pregnancy.

Body Contouring

Reward major weight loss by improving the shape and tone of your tissue through body contouring.



Freeze away stubborn love handles, muffin tops & more with CoolSculpting®.


Burn Care

Correct dysfunction and scars with burn care reconstructive surgery.

Laceration Repair

Laceration repair minimizes scarring, as well as the chances of infection from your injury.

Wound Healing

Plastic surgery can be a great tool to help wounds heal in the best way possible.

Lesion Removal

Effectively take away skin lesions, whether for health or cosmetic reasons.

Cyst Excision

Get rid of ganglion and hand cysts, no matter the size.

Hand Surgery

Improve a number of hand conditions through our plastic surgical options.

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Reliable, Satisfying Body Surgeries of All Kinds

We all find imperfections with our bodies, whether it strictly concerns appearance or affects our health. At Eskra Plastic Surgery, our professionals provides body plastic surgery in Goldsboro, NC to help you achieve your ideal physical self. With medically responsible practices and expertise in his field, Dr. Eskra prioritizes your individual, overall health and can collaborate with your physician for the best results.

From fighting unwanted fat with liposuction to aiding a wound’s healing process, our plastic surgery center is committed to offering reliable, satisfying Goldsboro body surgeries for patients in Eastern North Carolina. To receive the best level of care and expert plastic surgery guidance, reach out to us to schedule your first consultation today at 919.587.4400.

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